Directory of Board-Certified Sports and Performance Psychiatrists

Below is a list of physicians that have received board-eligible status through the American Board of Sports and Performance Psychiatry.

*Please note, all psychiatrists that apply and are accepted based on criteria met via Pathway A or B, are deemed board-eligible at this time. Once the final exam becomes available later in 2024, the board-eligible psychiatrists will be notified and will have the opportunity to sit for the final examination. Upon passing the final examination, those psychiatrists will receive full board-certification.

Directory listed in alphabetical order by last name

Format: Name, Degree - State Medical Licenses

  • Mark Allen, M.D. - Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, Washington
  • Ruth Baer, D.O. - Michigan
  • Brook Choulet, M.D. - Arizona, California
  • Ankur Desai, M.D. - New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida
  • Naakesh Dewan, M.D. ​​​​​​​- Florida
  • Rolando Gonzalez, M.D. ​​​​​​​- Florida, Pennsylvania
  • Thomas Horn, D.O. - Illinois, Missouri
  • Amanda Klass, D.O. ​​​​​​​- Kansas, Missouri
  • Tia Konzer, D.O. - North Carolina, South Carolina
  • Wilsa Charles Malveaux, M.D. ​​​​​​​- California
  • David R. McDuff, M.D. - Indiana, Maryland
  • Ifeanyi Olele, D.O. - California, Florida, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia
  • Christopher Pelic, M.D. ​​​​​​​- Florida, Georgia, South Carolina
  • Shariq Refai, M.D. - California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Maine, Texas, New York, Virginia
  • Mauran Sivananthan, D.O. - Michigan
  • Ulrick Vieux, D.O. - New Jersey, New York